Gatling Maven Plugin not picking up configs from pom.xml

Hi all,

I’m using the Gatling Maven plugin to run my tests (Version 2.2.0 of both Gatling and the maven plugin):

I’m trying to update some configurations (examples below), however the settings are not passed to Gatling:

io.gatling gatling-maven-plugin 2.2.0 test execute **src/main/scala** **src/main/resources** **** **-Xmx2048m** ****

I am however able to pass different folder locations on the command line as follows - but obviously I’d rather specify these in the pom.xml:

mvn gatling:execute -Dgatling.simulationsFolder=src/main/scala -Dgatling.configFolder=src/main/resources

Has anyone got any suggestions as to why this might not be working?

Thanks in advance.

You get maven executions wrong. Those are not triggered when directly launching a plugin goal, only on phases.

Hi Stéphane,

Thanks - I was able to get it working using phases - example below for anyone else who comes across this:

Plugin info:

io.gatling gatling-maven-plugin 2.2.0 test execute src/main/scala src/main/resources ${simulation} false -Xmx2048m true true

Command line to run

mvn clean test -Dsimulation=simulations.someSimulation