[gatling] Proxy management


I am trying to send HTTP requests through a proxy. For that I use the http configuration:
http.proxy(“proxyHost”, 8080)…

When I run the test the request is sent to the proxy but gatling split the URI into a Host header + Request-Path. For example with http://test.com/path, I get:
GET /path HTTP/1.1
Host: test.com

In the case of a Proxy request the whole URI should be place into the Request-URI and my Proxy relies on that…
GET http://test.com/path HTTP/1.1

Did I miss something in my configuration ? Is it possible to do that ?

BTW, I am using gatling-2.0.0-M3a


Are you sure? Netty provider is supposed to use the full URI when connecting through a non SSL proxy:

Couldn’t reproduce.
Could you share your simulation, please?

Any update on this?


Sorry I haven’t seen previous replies.

I just retried and figured out that I have an intermediate equipment which changed the URI… Sorry for the waste of time

Ah ah, glad to hear.
Thanks for your feedback.