Gatling Reporting - Gatling 2.0.0-RC2

Hello Gatling Experts,

So far I had received great support from this community.

I am trying to perform Load Testing for test site (not using CDN at the moment) and find response time for each page, along with its static resources.
I have used following code.
Final report shows Aggregate of Home page load time (as I am using group), along with static resources (Have attached in email).
Could you please advise if any better approach to find exact/near to exact load time for each page along with its static resources.

When I Convert .har file recorded through Google Chrome to test script, Home page had around 50+ resources and are not grouped.
so I’m seeing page load time for each of them individually.
Kindly could you advise what would be best approach to find overall page load time. Using group, does not seem to project correct figure.

class TestSimulation extends Simulation {

// Home Page - Singleton Object

object HomePage {

val home =

group(“Home Page”) {

exec(http(“home page”)

.get( “”"/"""))


val httpConf = http

.baseURL(“https:// testsite.alpha /”)

.proxy(Proxy(“”, 80).httpsPort(80))



.acceptEncodingHeader(""“gzip, deflate”"")



.userAgentHeader(""“Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.9; rv:30.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/30.0"”")

val scenario1 = scenario(“multiplescenario”).forever()(


90.0 → HomePage.home,

10.0 → AncillaryPages.browseAncillaryPages



setUp(scenario1.inject(rampUsers(28) over (10 seconds))


.maxDuration(1 minutes)


Sorry, this time with attachment of my test script along with Gatling report.

Gatling Report.docx (274 KB)