While reading over the documentation for the sbt plugin, I saw GatlingIt referenced a few times. What is GatlingIt and is there any documentation on it anywhere?


Hi Steven,

There is two kinds of Gatling Simulations that you may want to have in your project :

  1. Short simulations, with a minimal injection profile that you may want to execute to get a “base” knowledge of how fast some process modelled in your simulation takes, that can also serve as functional tests at the same time.

  2. More complex simulations, with injection profiles inducing a heavy load injected in your SUT.

The ‘GatlingIt’ configuration , for which sources live in src/it, allows to separate those two kinds of simulations in your project, meaning they can be run separately, have different JVM options (simulations with heavy load would probably require more memory), etc…

Of course, nothing forces you to separate them, but should you want to do it, you can :slight_smile:



I think that’s worth an explanation in the README :slight_smile: