Graphite rootPathPrefix


It seems like some behaviour has been changed from Gating 2.1.7 to 2.2 but I can’t figure out why and how.

I was using Gatling 2.1.7 and send data to Graphite for my load test. I have“gatling.sublevel1.sublevel2” in gatling.conf. So the data sends to gatling/sublevel1/sublevel2/${}/…

Today I’m trying out Gatling 2.2 and with the same settings, I found that the data sends to gatling-sublevel1-sublevel2/${}/… which breaks the folder structure in Graphite.

Does the delimiter change to something else? I know 2.2 is not released but I want to get it working and I’m sure it doesn’t replace all my dots to dash for no reason.


That’s a regression indeed.
Thanks for reporting.