Gatling 200M3a - conf graphite.rootPathPrefix not being applied

Hi all,

New Gatling user here … Thanks for the great software!

I modified Gatling configuration for graphite rootPathPrefix to “string.gatling”

and modified Graphite’s storage-schemas.conf to use
pattern= ^string.gatling…*

However, in the Graphite page, I see the stats showing up as gatling.*

I expected that the rootPathPrefix value would be used as the metric path.

Not a big deal, but, I wanted to bring it to your attention.


Did you properly uncommented the line (remove the leading #)?

graphite {
#light = false # only send the all* stats
host = “
port = 2003
protocol = “tcp” # Choose between ‘tcp’ or ‘udp’
rootPathPrefix = “string.gatling”
bucketWidth = 1024
#bufferSize = 8192

Where, “hostname” replaces the actual host name
and “string” replaces the actual string being used there.

OK, will investigate tomorrow (or Nicolas, maybe? :wink: )


I did a quick test with Gatling 2M3a and I can’t reproduce your issue.

With the following configuration :

graphite {
#light = false # only send the all* stats
host = “”
port = 2003
#protocol = “tcp” # Choose between ‘tcp’ or ‘udp’
rootPathPrefix = “geneva.gatling”
#bucketWidth = 100
#bufferSize = 8192

I was able to run a simulation called “Nicolas” and have the following stats showing up in graphite :


Can I ask you what is the exact “string” prefix?

Same thing here: can’t reproduce with string = “hello”


Thank you. It appears that I had mis-configured Graphite. My apologies.

Simplified the graphite storage-schema.conf and now, I am seeing the correct expected behavior.

Confirmed that tcpdump of traffic includes the correct string sent by Gatling. ( I should have done that before writing the original request).


No prob.
Thanks for the update.