groups inside scenario not getting executed sometimes


I am using gatling version 3.3.1. I am facing weird issue that sometime groups within scenario not getting executed(inconsistent).

I have defined a scenario with 15 groups in it. I am configuring this scenario to execute with constantUsersPerSec targeting 1tps for 60 seconds. In this case i can see the ‘done’ sequence is getting increased but i am not seeing all groups within that scenario been executed. sometimes first 10 getting executed and some other times around first 11 got executed. I am not seeing all 15 groups within the same scenario been executed.

Any suggestions? Please let me know if any information required.

Thank you very much for your time

targeting 1tps for 60 seconds

I suspect you mean you’re using throttling.
If so, make sure you understand how it works:
You have 0 guarantee about which request is going to get executed.

Really, throttling is intended for single request scenarios, not for complex flows.

Hi Stephane,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I am not using throttling. Configured the simulation profile as only constantUsersPerSec(0.5) during(60 seconds). In any case did we face the groups within a scenario(same session) will not be executed? I also observed once execution been initiated, some groups within the same session initiated after sometime. is there any thread, resource limitation or any other issues?

Thank you

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