Throttling not working as expected


I wish to use throttling to gain control over RPS during test execution. But throttling behaves not as i’ve expected. I mean it does throttle RPS and i get crispy reports with desirable load. The thing is it does not generate load beyond first exec of scenario. Like:

val scn = scenario("Test")
    http("Main Page")
    .pause(1, 6)
  http("Other Page")

Is this the code that are using without edition? I see you are missing a point before the second exec. Meaning it is not part of the scenario chain.

Hello Guillaume,

Thank you for such swift reply.

I apologize for this misunderstanding. The code provided is just an example of two execs, whereas throttling only sending load to first one despite the order of requests. The same behavior persist with point before second exec as well.

According to Gatling docs throttling is scenario-based so i expect it would send controlled-RPS-load for all requests inside my scenario.

constantUsersPerSec(1) during (600 minutes))).throttle(reachRps(70) in (140 seconds),holdFor(610 minutes)

Worked for me.