How can I use gatling to use performance tests to a native mobile application

Please I should start to do performance tests for a native mobile application, and I see that Gatling is a good tool to do the performance tests. how can I use it for my native mobile application, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Performance testing is actually a wide range. It includes:

  1. load testing (stress testing is just one kind of load testing) = test server API or server-side rendered content
  2. web performance testing = how fast the browser is to download the resources from the server to paint the rendering, if it leaks memory
  3. native app performance testing = similar to 2.: how much CPU is used to paint the interface, if it drains the battery, if it leaks memory

Gatling is only suited for #1. You would focus on the server APIs that would be called by your native app. You won’t emulate nor automate your native app.

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Thank you so much for your clarification @slandelle ^^ , There is another way to do the point 3 ? testing only API for native app is suffisiant ?

No, these tests are complementary. For example, LeakCanary on Android can help figuring our memory leaks.