Mobile App Testing using Gatling

I want to know whether testing of a Mobile Application can we done by gatling in the latest version.
Also. in Gatling how can we generate load from a particular brower…e.g., I want some user to be hit from Chrome browser and some from Safari.

Please help.

You don’t want to load test a mobile application. You want to load test the server side APIs that the mobile app calls.
You might want to emulate mobile network with something like netem.

Same thing regarding browsers. There aren’t that many differences between browsers when it comes to HTTP traffic, mostly User-Agent header and maximum number of concurrent HTTP/1.1 connections per domain. You can probably just change User-Agent header, but it only makes sense if it triggers something different on the server side.

No offense, but this looks like some requirements from a customer who don’t understand how applications work and who would need to be educated on this.