How to add virtual user id to simulation.log?

How to add virtual user id to simulation.log? More generally, is there a way to customize the simulation log output?

I would like to be able to trace down all the request done in the context of one virtual user easily. Having as context information the virtual user id would greatly help.

The simulation.log file is an internal used for the HTML reports generation. It’s not something for the end user to use.

Yes, I saw that On another post in the meantime, maybe worth putting somewhere in the big picture in the documentation As it is quite confusing.

What would be your suggestion to achieve what I’m trying to do. It would be nice to avoid everybody having To develop support to analyse requests if you can’t rely on the simulation log which is an internal file which should we do.

Gatling open source reporting features are provided as is.
We can consider new reporting features for Gatling Enterprise if they make sense for a broad audience. If that’s something you could consider, please reach out.

Otherwise, sorry but we can’t help with building your own custom reporting.

Thanks for your understanding.

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