User in simulation.log file Gatling 3.7.6

Since the simulation.log file in gatling version 3.7.6 is in the following format(for 2user scenario)-

RUN simulations.testscenario runscenario 1653569929417 3.7.6
USER runTest START 1653569932053
USER runTest START 1653569933055
REQUEST POST - dummyurl1 1653569932079 1653569933127 OK
REQUEST POST - dummyurl2 1653569933281 1653569933518 OK
REQUEST GET- dummyurl3 1653569933536 1653569933783 OK

USER runTest END 1653569935731
REQUEST GET- dummurl1 1653569934140 1653569936475 OK
REQUEST POST - dummyurl3 1653569936476 1653569938777 OK
USER runTest END 1653569940526

Like the simulation.log file generated in older versions( eg 3.2.0) there is no user name present againt the url called by the particular user. Like in log file of 3.2.0 version the format was-

REQUEST 1 POST - dummyurl1 1653569932079 1653569933127 OK

where “1” would represent “user 1” and hence we were able to map different scenarios against different no. of users. But since this number is not present in log file of 3.7.6. I am unable to properly parse this log file and create results table for different scenarios with different users.

for reference on parsing(mapping different users to scenarios) which i used in 3.2 version- gatling-report/ at master · nuxeo/gatling-report · GitHub

This file is an internal whose sole purpose is to generate Gatling’s HTML reports.
Indeed, we’ve removed fields that had no purpose for generating those reports, in order to reduce write and read IO and disk space usage.

This file is by no means a feature users should be parsing for implementing their own reports. The class you mentioned is a hack we’ve never supported.

Note: there’s a good chance the time series you’re looking for is available in Gatling Enterprise.