Missing simulations from logs


We’re running a 1h test with + a 30min ramp up. After investigating the logs somethings strange was noticed, we think some simulations are missing. In the logs we have the simulation name along side what I think is the simulation ID, for example:

Session(User login,273,......)

I’ve noticed 3 things for which I can’t figure out the issue:

  1. If the ID (in the above cause would be 273) is indeed the ID of the simulation, then there is a certain number of simulations missing from the logs.
  2. The simulations missing are always the same. Verified this in 4 different executions across 2 weeks.
  3. Maybe not related to this, but the total number of simulations (based on the ID of the last started simulation found in the logs) during the same execution time seems to be always the same (maybe this is as expected).

Hi @andrei,

Notes on glossary:

  • “Simulation”: is the description of the whole test
  • “Run”: is a specific launch (with its parameters)
  • “Virtual user” (or “user” for short): is one specific actor in a run that simulates the network behavior of a user in a browser.

So, I guess you speak about a “virtual user” here.

The “273” you see there is the Virtual user “userId” property.

Why do you think it is missed? What if this id generator is shared with other kind of resources and only those related to virtual users are visible?

One more point in my explanation (I didn’t verify the code about it)
Same things in same orders should generate the same outputs. Pretty stable, I think.

Virtual users are injected as you define your injection profile (the arguments in the setUp method of your Simulation class)
So, if you don’t change your injection profile (in open model at least), it is logical to have the same total amount of users.
Sorry, I don’t get your issue here.

I hope it helps,

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