How to build 'bundle' from source.

Good day, colleagues,

I started to use gatling and trying to understand – how to build gatling bundle from source ?

I read - but I can’t find there: how to build bundle in the same way as in distribution ?

As I understand, eclipse build is just sbt build. I expect that exists some place, where we can put non-free artefacts and some sbt target, which will build
new snapshot distribution (?) But I can find nothing about this in documentation.


Except for Gatling 2 dedicated page, most of the wiki is for Gatling 1.
Gatling 1 was built with maven and Gatling 2 is built with sbt.

Assuming you have sbt installed and want the build master.

Fetch gatling main project + gatling highcharts module:

sbt => ;compile;publishLocal on both



Thanks, I received ![ I see, one include hightstock.js in resources ]

Highstock is the reason why we have to split: