How to configure Gatling in Gradle with Kotlin-style?

I tried to convert the Gatling Gradle example from Groovy to Kotlin.

I do not know how to convert this part (Groovy-style Gradle):

gatling {
    logLevel = 'WARN'
    logHttp = 'NONE'

I tried (Kotlin-style Gradle):

gatling {
    logLevel = "WARN"
    logHttp = "NONE"

But it does not accept it because of:

Cannot access ‘io.gatling.gradle.JvmConfigurable.Trait.FieldHelper’ which is a supertype of ‘io.gatling.gradle.GatlingPluginExtension’. Check your module classpath for missing or conflicting dependencies

That is like Chinese to me (a language which I do not speak I should add).

See my fork of a Gatling example.

How to do this with Kotlin in Gradle?

Please see Gradle: Can't configure gatling section when using build.gradle.kts · Issue #4337 · gatling/gatling · GitHub

We’re about to release 3.9.0 with the fix.

Sounds good, thank you.