How To Get Scenario Name On Failed Request During Parallel Run


I’ve got a suite of scenarios that I’m running in parallel. They make use of various shared requests. The problem is that when a request fails, I am unsure of a good way to determine which scenario owns that failing request. Is there a way that I can output the scenario name with the failed check errors?


So I see that you can get at the scenario name with the following. How do I go about adding that to the official failure message output?
.extraInfoExtractor { response =>
if (response.status != 200) {
val scnName = response.session.scenarioName

// how to output it with errors?

Can I access the errors from the scala class? I want to see the scenario name next to the request failure within the output below…

---- Errors --------------------------------------------------------------------,304,201,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,209), b 1 (100.0%)

ut actually found 422

You have to wrap the HttpCheck into a custom one and override the check method so you can change the Failure message with mapError.


Hello Stéphane,
I am trying to log some session data with my HTTP failure messages, such as timeouts. Would this be the appropriate strategy? Also if there are any code example that would be terrific. Still learning to think in Scala.
many thanks,