How to increase the number of transactions per second???


I am new to gatling…can anybody please explain me how to increase the number of transactions per second…In the reports for my application I am seeing 15 req/s and how to increase that one for 100 req/s…

And currently I am using 1 user per 4 sec ramp up…

setUp(scn.inject(rampUsers(1) over(4))).protocols(httpProtocol)

And one more question is If I am giving the 10 users I am getting 10 active users in the reports…But if I am increasing the number of users to 500 users or 1000 users In the active users graph I am able to see only 60 users
But my all requests are getting success…So why there is the change in active users…where that remaining users are going??Whats happening in the background??So what is the concurrent users count??what is the simultaneous users count?? Explain in detail…


Ramping 1 user over 4 means at the end of 4 seconds you will have exactly 1 user. To multiply that out, you would do, for example, 100 users over 400 seconds. Except the first user starts second 0, so you really need 100 users over 396 seconds to make it exactly one every 4 seconds.

As for the question about number of users in the report, do the above test (100 users over 396 seconds) and look at the graph. It should ramp up linearly. But only if the duration of the test run for each user is longer than 400 seconds. If for any reason some virtual users die, then it will not reach that total. So monitor the errors in the output.

If that doesn’t clear it up for you, and it looks like a bug, capture a screen shot of the graph and send it to the group.