Increase number of request per second


Can anybody please help me for this problem

As per my requirement I have to get 60 requests per second for 1000 users,So as of my knowledge gatling will calculate request per second as total number of requests/simulation run duration

I am using injection method at once users


As of now I am getting nearly 6 min for my simulation run time and total number of requests is 3450 which is equal to 9.5 req/sec

How can I increase this to 60 req/s ???please help me as quickly as possible.I strucked…please


Best way to increase throughput is by increasing number of users.


You could increase you users but I’m not sure that will help you long term. There’s not enough information to advise on.

who are your users?

Are they a mainly fixed number of employees using a Web based application; working during office hours or in shifts?

Or are they like customers “out there” on the Internet, coming and going like they would in a shopping mall?

This will affect the scenario structure and inject.

If you could provide more information, like the scenario you are running and possibly copy and paste the last few intervals of the console output it would help.


Thanks for the info…Here I am giving more details

But what is the best way to inject???