Setting X user per Second

Hi all,

Which the best way to set a scn inject for example 72000 users per 7200 seconds?? considering 10 requests per second?
I have one function test who has two execs, one to post a login and one to make a get search.
Gatling splits the requests per exec?
I tried to execute 10 user per 1 second repeating 72k but take 4 hours…
2 hous per exec.
How the best way for execute 72k request in 7200 seconds???

Thanks for helping…


First, it looks like you don’t really know what you’re trying to achieve.

Hello Stéphane , Thanks for answered.
I have 3 exec in the same test(API testing). My question is how i ramp up my test for achieve 10 requests per second, 10 per exec, per X time, I tried many ways of ramp up, I need increase the quantity from users to reflect on execs? Do I need to calculate anything?
I need to run the same test during 2,4,8 hours, 10 requests per exec.
Thanks for help.

It seems like you are confused about what you are trying to achieve with Gatling using your current Gatling or Performance Testing knowledge.
Why I am saying this - this is a very basic question, which to me says that you don’t know what you are talking about.
You can find out the answer in the Gatling user tutorial in the official Gatling website, where it is explained in very simple terms -

I am not judging you; I have been there.

Here’s my suggestion:
There are some brilliant courses available on Udemy on the topic of Gatling training -
I highly recommend you to take any of those from awesome tutors (Eg: James Willette or Anuradha Agarwal)
That will give you more clarity about it and you will be able to figure out the answer to this question yourself and you will gain more insights into how this tool works and why people are raving about it.
I hope this helps.