how to locate error in ssv file

He there,
I created a ssv file with > 75000 entries but get the following error: Un-terminated quoted field at end of CSV line

Reading this file by a Java application and parsing each line with open CSVParser gives no such error. I used ‘;’ as separator, and experimented with ‘’ and ‘"’ as string separator.
I even let the number of String-cars count, it is always even.

What are the default params for ssv-reader?

Thanks in advance


Could you upload your file somewhere so I can check, please?

Hi Stéphane,
for security reasons it’s not possible to provide the data. But i used ‘the unix split command’ to divide the data in chunks a 10000 lines, and each of this smaller files could be read without problems.

Now i will generate a dummy file > 75000 lines to see, if the error is correlated to the file size

Hi Ulrich,

“open CSVParser” = are you talking about the same parser that we ship (opencsv) or a different one?