How to make sense of Gatling measurements published to InfluxDb?

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I was able to get the Gatling metrics published to InfluxDb via Graphite, but these metrics are split into multiple measurements. Using Influx Query Language I am are trying to combine metric data from multiple measurements and make it available on Grafana panels.

I see the following measurements in my influxDB

eg : Measurements:





All these measurements have same measurement fields:

fieldKey fieldType

value float

Question : How am i supposed to query a measurement to get 50 percentile reading ?

SELECT last(value) FROM “gatling.windtunnelopenworkload.allRequests.all.percentiles50” WHERE $timeFilter

SELECT mean(value) FROM “gatling.windtunnelopenworkload.allRequests.all.percentiles50” WHERE $timeFilter

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Have not found a way to get the exactly the same result as shown in gatling summary.
I have asked the similar question in the stackoverflow as well:

The influxdb+grafana+graphite solution is more like for trend following, but not for storing the results.

Chunyan Pei