How to receive messages in websockets client

Is there an example of how to handle receiving a message from the websockets server using the gatling websockets plugin ( The “complete” example shows:

but what can be done in the case when the client is expecting one or more responses?

Thank you

This plugin is a third party that Andrew/Gilt contributed to Gatling 2.
It has been almost completely rebuilt since, and it ships with current snapshots:

Fantastic. And it’s working wonderfully -
thanks very much

Glad to hear!
You’re one of the first users of this new feature, so feel free to tell what you think about it (features, design, etc).

I will. I have an immediate need for this, where the websocket server will be expected to send a certain number of responses within a certain period of time, and this implementation provides for exactly that check.

One thing, though - a separate issue - but using the snapshot build from July 1, 2014, my test runs are not producing any stats.tsv output files. Everything else seems ok.

We ditched stats.tsv as the format was not convenient for the stats we export, and we also export a stats.json.

json sounds fine, but I’m not seeing that either, only html files, the simulation.log, and the style and js folders in results. Is the json file supposed to be output by default?

The exact name is global_stats.json and it’s supposed to be in the js directory.

ok. found it. definitely an improvement

You’re welcome.
Have fun!