Listening to websockets and extracting random output

Hey Guys,

It’s mr. fairly new to websockets again.

Currently I’m trying to build a scenario where I connect to a websocket then listen to it for a while and then extract some data and work on from there on.

I’ve been looking at the documentation for websockets all day yesterday but I couldn’t figure out what would help me in this case.

When using ws.checkTextMessage after subscribing to a topic I’ve only been able to extract the confirmation message that the subscription was succesful.

Is there a feature I missed or am I expecting something that is more complicated to achieve then I thought.

I’ll add the scenario for some context.

When I use this specific regex I get an OK response however when I started looking for the other messages it fails.

Is there anyway to log everything that comes through the socket in gatling?

Thanks in advance.

//ws body variable
var WSBody = ""

def subscribeToTopic = scenario ("Subscribe to flights")
  .exec(_.set("JWTtoken", JWTToken))
  .exec(ws("Connect WS")
    exec(ws("subscribe to topic")
      .await(30 seconds)(
        ws.checkTextMessage("checkMessages").check(regex(".*\"message\":\"subscription applied\".*").saveAs("wsResponse"))
      .exec(session => {
        WSBody = session("wsResponse").as[String].trim
        println("%%%%%%%%%%% body =====>>>>>>>>>> " + WSBody)
    .exec(ws("Close WS")