How to run single simulation class from command line when gatling and simulation classes are at different folder

Hi All,

Just trying to figure out to execute a simulation class from the command line,
Gatling is at location /home/user/gatling
and simulation class is at /src/test/scala/com/Simulator/
when trying from gatling/bin folder as follows:

./ -s /src/test/scala/com/Simulator/ , getting classnotfound error.

Please help.


Hi Rakesh,

since I’m working on a similar problem that is the command line which works foe me -s computerdatabase.BasicSimulation -bf /Users/sgoeschl/work/github/sgoeschl/readonly/target/ -rf /Users/sgoeschl/work/github/sgoeschl/readonly/results/ -sf /Users/sgoeschl/work/github/sgoeschl/readonly/user-files/

Thanks in advance,

Siegfried Goeschl