How to tell if a scenario has completed

Hi all,

I have a question, please bear with me as I have only been using Gatling for 2 weeks or so!

I have a requirement to create a load test that consists of 8 components, which have been written to mimic an initial load of data into a system. They need to run in a specific order, and some need to run in parallel.

The sequence is as follows

  • Group 1 components 1,2 & 3 run in parallel
  • Group 2 components 4 & 5 run in parallel
  • Group 3 component 6 runs
  • Group 4 components 7&8 run in parallel
    So far I have discovered that any scenarios called inside the setUp will run in parallel, what I haven’t discovered is how to tell that Group 1 has completed so that I can then trigger Group 2 etc My back up plan is simply to write 4 tests that would have to be manually called in sequence, I did think I could create several tests that could then be combined into one scenario to be run, but would I still run into the issue of not knowing when a test has completed?

Here’s a bit of sample code

class ParallelSync extends SimulationBase{