I don't understand the concept

Hi all

I am using gatling 3.3.1 to make a simple test.
I have a scenario containing 2 http get request

Then in my Simulation, i want to execute this scenario.
I’ve tried a lot of different parameters with the incrementPerSec or the Rampig but I don’t understand how it is really working.

My wish is to increment the number of call every X seconds, but not sending requests every seconds.
Is there a way to do what I expect in Gatling or am I out of scope?

For example:
I want to start with one user, and increment per one user every 5 seconds for a minute.
So my expectation will be that:

Time users. request. total request sent
0. 1. 1. 1
5. 2. 2 3
10. 3. 3 6
15. 4. 4. 10

whatever I am using is, it doenst fit my needs.
the RampUsers execute only the request once, enad every xxPerSec execute request every seconds.

I’m not sure I was clear but do not hesitate to ask me and tell me if my idea is wrong

Thank you in advance