I need a help...how to execute multiple scala file using single scala file.

Hi All,

There are 3 different.Scala files and each scala have their own scenario.

Now I wanted to have Main scala file which I can call them above 3 scala files into the main scala file and then I would like to execute it main and main will execute it all 3 scenarios.

Here is an example

Scenario 1(Scala 1): Search.scala

Scenario 2(Scala2): Create.scala

Scenario 3(Scala3): Update.scala

Now I have Main. Scala and I would like to call them sequentially, which are above mentioned and execute it because it is quite difficult to handle one scals file has multiple scenarios.

Guys - could you guide me how to do that in order to achieve this?

Thanks & Regards,


Have you looked here. http://gatling.io/docs/2.1.7/advanced_tutorial.html?highlight=simulation#step-02-configure-virtual-users

Enter your scenarios into singletons, import them into your main simulation and then call the objects.


Guys - any luck on this ?

Put your re-usable code in a library and call it in your simulation