minimum and maximum response times

How are the minimum and maximum response times calculated?

When I test with longer duration the minimum response times are showing as zero.
My server has response timeout of 10 seconds but the maximum response times are going more than 18 seconds.

I observed the simulation.log file there are four long value logged into that file. what do that each value mean?

ACTION Some scenario 11 Some Query 1367947328253 1367947328392 1367947328490 1367947328491 OK

Please provide me some information. It seems like there is some issue with calculation of response times.

See answer here:

Let us know if you find something fishy.

Actually, I might have an idea about the response times that you experience that are longer than your time out: async-http-client has a retry feature and the default number of retries is 5.
We will set this parameter by default to 0.
Until then, you can set it yourself in gatling.conf: gatling.http.maxRetry



I see the minimum response times as 0 ms. But when I run the same scenario using JMeter it is showing 8 or 9ms minimum response time. When the response time is more than 10 ms it is showing correctly, but when it is less than 10 it is showing 0ms.
I checked the values in simulation.log file, the difference is zero but I am sure that it is no request that takes 0 ms.