Initial Gatling setup - what is the recommended / best way?!

Hi folks,

I’m currently preparing a presentation and I’m a bit puzzled about the best way of a Gatling setup - I think of something moron-proof (aka suitable for me)

There are multiple ways of bootstrapping Gatling but none of them make me entirely happy :slight_smile:

My path to happiness

  • Simple setup for beginners (QA)
  • Gives you IDE integration for writing tests
  • Gives you command-line integration for your CI server (Maven, Gradle)
  • Can be easily put under version control (no libraries)

The different approaches I know of

1) Download the Gatling distribution

* This gives you ready-to-use samples and shell/batch files

  • AFAIK there is no way to wire that setup with your IDE (auto-complete, syntax errors, method navigation) so that would require writing Scala with a text editor?
  • Windows batch files suck suck since CTRL-C does not terminate the started JVM (to the best of my knowledge)
  • You should not take that under version control - 400 MB of libraries

2) Use The Gatling Maven Archetype

  • Gives you an IDE integration for recording/writing tests
  • Does not contain the “computer database” samples
  • Does not use the “gatling-maven-plugin” so little you can do on the the command line
  • Adding “gatling-maven-plugin” is of course possible but with little Maven/Gatling know-how this is a blocker

3) Craft Your Own Maven pom.xml

So the questions are

  • Is there something I don’t know?
  • How are other people doing that?

Thanks in advance,

Siegfried Goeschl

Hi Stephane, what do you think about making this link more prominent, e.g. “Getting Started”?

Is there something similar for (aka ready-to-use) for Gradle?

You can find documentation and links to the different demo project in Extensions.
note: search for “demo” in the page for each extension.

We are open to suggestions to improve our documentations. PR welcome


First of all why you referring to Scala - Java implementation is easier and work perfectly.

Download the Gatling distribution - referring to JAVA version: you can import this Bundle to IDE (IntelliJ), and everything working as should - auto-complete, syntax errors, method navigation etc.

Use The Gatling Maven Archetype - as I known this option is not developed and maintained anymore.

You can use as @slandelle mentioned:

Or project from Gatling Academy - I think the best place to start.

Or you can use My project for that - in this project you have all official examples and my solutions for cases from this community:

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