How to use Gatling Open-Source with Jenkins for CI/CD

I’m a newbie to Gatling and specifically my employer wishes to use Gatling Open Source. They have the requirement that it can integrate into their existing Jenkins CI/CD environment that supports Java development.

Question 1: What is the appropriate Jenkins plugin for Gatling Open Source? (I see references only to a plugin for Gatling Enterprise)

Question 2: Where can I find a functional “getting started” guide to accelerate my knowledge and achievement of my objective?


Hi I am new here but I have some very basic knowledge.

My advice would be to use a couple of YouTube tutorials. That is how I started.

Once you have set up your environment on your local machine and created a simple load test you can then build out and look how to integrate it into Jenkins.

Exhaust google and YouTube until you need to further out.

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Hello David!

As a newbie myself, I would suggest watching a couple of Gatling tutorials on Udemy and going through the documentation. What helped me the most though, as always with anything software, is to get dirty and write some code, step through it and try to understand the concepts Gatling works with (i.e., scenarios, injectors, etc.). Ideally, do your learning on the actual system you will be testing so that your tests are more realistic and closer to what you will need to deliver.

My Scala knowledge is very limited so you don’t necessarily need to be a functional programming expert to start working with Gatling. In addition, Gatling is now available for Java and Kotlin as well so if you are more comfortable with one of those two languages you can use them instead.

Regarding Jenkins, if you are having trouble with plugins, I would start by attempting to run my tests through the Gatling maven plugin locally and then invoke that through Jenkins. I haven’t tried this so this is just an idea.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the suggestions Sandeep!

Thank you sir,

The good news is that I have a Udemy account so I will review what’s available. Additionally - I’m using my Google-fu to find various tutorials too.

I had switched to examining another product in the interim after learning that my employer currently has a license. I’ll be returning to examining Gatling at the beginning of April after taking some vacation next week.

The good news is that I have a Udemy account so

Are you aware of the official free Gatling Academy? I would really recommend going with official material.

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I was not aware … I missed this and similar to Docker etc, I expected that such an avenue would exist.

Thanks Stephane!