Installation on Windows 7

I’ve downloaded the 1.4.2 bundle and unzipped it into its own folder on my C drive. My computer already had Java 7 so I download and installed Java 6. However, when I try to run the batch file for Gatling, I get an error: missing ‘server’ JVM at … jre7\bin\server\jvm.dll. I’ve updated my path environment variable to start with the Java 6 location, so I’m not sure how it’s grabbing the Java 7 location. So two questions: how do I configure Gatling to use Java 6? What environment variables do I need to set and what do I need to set them to?



That’s not a problem of JDK version. I think you’re running on a 32-bit Windows where the -server option is not supported.

Just remove -server from the batch files.



So I removed that setting and now I get another error about: Unrecognized VM option ‘OptimizeStringConcat’. Should I also just remove this option from the batch file or is it important?

Yes, sorry, that’s a 64bits optimization.

In JDK’s bin you will find an JRE folder and in JRE folder there is server folder , copy that server folder to your JVM’s JRE folder which is placed outside from JDK folder inside java. It works for me