IntelliJ IDEA inegration with Gatling

Can any one help out please how to run the simulation using IDE?I have no prior experience on maven and IDE.

Hi Ashish,

do the following steps:

Documentation: Maven Archetype

Maven-Central: io.gatling.highcharts

Create a new Maven-Project and use the following Maven Archetype properties:

In IntelliJ: File → New → Project… → Maven → Create from archtype (check) → Add Archtype…

GroupId io.gatling.highcharts
ArtifactId gatling-highcharts-maven-archetype
Version 2.1.7
Repository (optional)

You need to install the following IDE-Plugins, for example in eclipse:

For intelliJ IDE you need to install the Scala Plugin.

After you created a new maven project, you find the following project structure:

a new simulation is saved in src/test/scala. The results are saved in target/results.

The execution of Recorder.scala opens the recorder and Engine.scala will execute the simulation.

Hope this helps you.


Thanks a lot its working fine.