Interactive dynamic injection steps

Hi All,

First of all, pardon for the (likely) bad subject name, I just couldn’t come up with a better name for the situation I had in mind! :slight_smile:

So in the setUp method we provide a Seq of InjectionStep objects. Does gatling read/process ALL the injection steps before it starts executing the fist step, or does it lazy evaluate the step when it’s reached.
My scenario is that let’s say user provides a rampUp over 30 minutes. Now around 29th minute or so, the user has a choice, either let the simulation end, or provide the next injection step (say another rampUp for another X minutes).
This is helpful in sort of stress testing the systems to see what’s the max TPS they can reach under various conditions (like load balancer using RoundRobin, or least round trip time, etc).

The idea is user provides a (list) of injection steps, watches the system for some time, around the end of those steps, depending on the error rate s/he is seeing, s/he can choose to increase the rate or end the simulation.

Is it possible?



No with the OSS version.
That’s probably something we’ll provide in the upcoming commercial product.