Issues creating a Gatling Project following the Maven Archetype and Android Studio

This is the document I am referring to.

Currently I have the following installed;

  • Gradle 4.5 with the path in the environment variables

  • Maven with the path in the environment variables as well as M2_HOME and MAVEN_HOME

  • JDK version 9.0.4 as JAVA_HOME

  • Android Studio with the Scala plugin

I have successfully (at least I assume successfully - it contains pom.xml, /src/test/resources + scala and has the Engine.scala file) created the project using maven (as an additional question, is it possible to run the entire generate in a single line?)

The issue I reach is when it comes to importing the project.

I’m not sure which way to import it. I’ve tried every option I can see: open existing android studio project, import via Gradle, import via SBT, import project from existing sources.

None of them work. The project loads, in varying degrees, however I am never able to run “Engine”.

Any help would be apprciated.