Upgrading Netty to 4.1.1.Final

I was curious if there were any plans to upgrade Netty to 4.1.1.Final in upcoming releases (looking in github this hasn’t happened yet). We have a library based on 4.1.1 that we’d like to encorporate into our simulations, but unfortunately it isn’t compatible with the version of Netty that gatling currently uses (4.0.36.Final). Thanks in advance for any info.


Gatling 2.2 and AsyncHttpClient 2.0 will keep on being based on Netty 4.0 for several reasons:

  • Netty 4.1 is not a drop-in replacement for Netty 4.0. It’s not backward compatible.

  • Even though we’re the ones developing AsyncHttpClient, it’s also used by other softwares (eg Play!) that also depends on Netty 4.0 and would possibly break with Netty 4.1

  • Our commercial product, FrontLine, uses Cassandra whose Java driver is currently based on Netty 4.0 and we have no guarantee that the it would work properly with Netty 4.1. I could ask the Datastax guys I know if they have any plan supporting Netty 4.1.

  • It’s not a priority for us atm as we don’t have any business requirement for it.
    Then, it’s almost certain that the next Gatling generation to be publicly released next year will ship Netty 4.1.