JMeter Throughput Controller analogue

I want to implement scenario with percentages of executions for each request (exec(http(…))).
In JMeter exists Throughput Controller (
I don’t know how to implement it in the Gatling tool.
Please help me.

randomSwitch can’t realize it. It is

This is doable, I’ve done it, though not as percentages. I started with a total target number of requests per second (or minute, or whatever). Then, I calculated the percent that belongs to each request. Then I wrapped each request in its own scenario, and gave each its own injection profile with an appropriately calculated injection rate so that it would be the target percent of the total.

If you don’t want to do the manual calculations, you can always embed those calculations in the code.

Hmm. Yes, it is better way to generate workload. In Throughput Controller one slow request degradate performance of all scenario.
Thank you for solution!