Throughput Controller In Gatling

Hi Team,

I am a Jmeter User and would like to convert my all Jmeter script into Gatling. here I am facing one of the challenge to implement Throughput Controller similar like Jmeter.

Please Point me already this functionality is available in Gatling or any one has implemented with Gatling.

Below is Throughput Controller Functionality in Jmeter:-
percent execution:- causes the controller to execute a certain percentage of the iterations through

Total executions:- causes the controller to stop executing after a certain number of executions have occurred

Throughput A number. For percent execution mode, a number from 0-100 that indicates the percentage of times the controller will execute. “50” means the controller will execute during half the iterations through the test plan. For total execution mode, the number indicates the total number of times the controller will execute.

here is the Reference details for Jmeter:-

Really appreciate for help!!!