JMS, SQS and a context factory

I have an SQS queue that I can connect to through the Amazon SQS Java Messaging Library

The library connects using an SQSConnectionFactory

However, the Gatling JMS DSL requires a contextFactory.

And I wondered if it was possible to integrate both of these libraries?

Many Thanks


Gatling JMS protocol currently only supports the JEE way: it fetches the ConnectionFactory from the JNDI context that gets created from the “InitialContextFactory” classname parameter.

The AWS Java client doesn’t seem to have that and ConnectionFactory can only be created programmatically.
I guess we could support a programmatic strategy too, but that’s not implemented atm.
Contribs/sponsoring welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Stéphane,

Thanks for your reply.

Would a valid alternative be to use the SQS HTTP interface and pass signed AWS credentials in a standard Gatling post?



No idea, sorry.

FYI, I’ve filled a feature request:
Not in our roadmap atm, though.