JumpToRps,HoldFor usage

Can we use JumptoRps and HoldFor options with out throttling? like

inject(atOnceUsers(usersCount) ,jumpToRps(200),holdFor(300))

The documentation seems to suggest that the request rate will jump to 200 r/s.

But you could verify this by viewing the real-time metrics.


jumpToRps is part of the throttle DSL, not the inject one

Thanks for the clarification. Just to add, I think there was an issue with throttling in 2.1.7 that is fixed in the 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT.

Hi Stephane,

To avoid confusion do you think the jumpToRps function could be renamed throttleAtRps or something?


Hey Aidy,

Choosing names sure is hard. Here, the Rps units is supposed to make it explicit that it’s not about users/injection. Plus, the simulation wouldn’t compile of course.

I’m not very inclined to change names in 2.2, so migration is painless. Expect if we have lots of feedback saying “please fix the names, they are confusing and we don’t mind updating our simulations”.

I hope I’m not wrong, but the only DSL change in 2.2 is that we’re renaming “connection” into “connectionHeader” on HttpProtocol so it’s consistent with other headers. It’s more about fixing a typo.

If we were to change names in this part of the DSL, I would personally go with “rateLimiter” instead of “throttler”. Maybe in a future version :slight_smile: