Kafka plugin


I am trying to do some load testing of kafka.
For this I’ve found a plugin https://github.com/mnogu/gatling-kafka.
However that plugin works with scala 2.12, and the latest versions of kafka
user versions 2.13 (I cannot download older versions of gatling as they are not available:(. )

*Tried a different repo as well for this
https://github.com/arthur25000/gatling-kafka → that states that it works for 2.13 …however, the jar is not generated if changing the scala version to 2.13 in the sbt file.

Any suggestions please?..
I could have a java producer… and from gatling just call my java app, which will send the
messages to Kafka, however i would like to try a more direct approach. Any suggestions please?

Best regards,

At the moment, we’re only aware of 2 Gatling plugins for Kafka, see https://gatling.io/docs/current/extensions/#third-parties

Those are third party plugins, so they are not maintained here. You should reach out to their respective authors, probably on their GitHub bug tracker, and maybe consider contributing an upgrade to Scala 2.13.


Thank you for responding to my email.
The first link that i’ve sent is the 1st kafka plugin listed on the gatling website. Will try a scala v update to 2.13.
In the meantime can you please direct me to an older version of gatling please?


You can find all gatling bundles from here : https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/io/gatling/gatling-bundle/