Lagarto Error - Issue #3968

Hello, team.

Hope you are well.

We are seeing the below error in our gatling test:

12:42:54.596 [ERROR] jodd.lagarto.dom.LagartoDOMBuilderTagVisitor - Parse error: invalid character reference [@9692]

I traced this error back to this SO answer and these issues :

As mentioned in the links above, using Gatling version 3.4.1 stops this message from logging. But when I use Gatling 3.4.2, these error messages start appearing again.

Version details:
SBT : 1.3.13
gatling-sbt: 3.2.1
gatling-test-framework: 3.4.2
gatling-charts-highcharts: 3.4.2

I am able to turn this error off in 3.4.2 via logback.xml. But since it is working without any additional logback configuration in 3.4.1, but not in 3.4.2, I thought I will inform here. Is there something that we are missing in our tests that stops this working in 3.4.2?

Please let me know if you would require any other information.


Could you please:

  • upgrade to Gatling 3.5.1
  • provide a sample we can use to reproduce your issue, eg a web page with such parsing error?

OK, that’s a bug in Lagarto, see

Thanks for reporting.

Thanks, Stéphane. I will track that issue.