websocket gatling document is invalid (3.5)

Hi, all.

I wrote check function according to the websocket doucment (3.5), but a compilation error occurs.

my scala version is 2.13.4 and gatling version is 3.5.1

Does anybody know about this problem?

Thanks for reading the issue :slight_smile:


Images of code are super inconvenient. Could you please provide code as text so one can copy and paste into an IDE, please?

oh sorry, you can check the full code by looking at this link.


I was inherited WsCheckSupport and the problem was solved after that.

However, it seems that it should work normally without inheriting this I think… :frowning:

2021λ…„ 3μ›” 19일 (금) μ˜€ν›„ 4:52, StΓ©phane LANDELLE <slandelle@gatling.io>λ‹˜μ΄ μž‘μ„±:

Yes, don’t try to hack our code.
You should mostly use the standard imports:

import io.gatling.core.Predef._
import io.gatling.http.Predef._

In particular, never organize/optimize imports with your IDE.

when I change it now, I don’t get a compile error :slight_smile:

Thank you for answer!

2021λ…„ 3μ›” 19일 (금) μ˜€ν›„ 5:16, StΓ©phane LANDELLE <slandelle@gatling.io>λ‹˜μ΄ μž‘μ„±: