Less than 1 request per second with throttling?


I use Gatling 2.2.2 with throttling. Now my problem is I want to simulate about 4 requests per minute which is less than 1 request per second. Is that possible? I could not figure out how yet.

The part of my simulation with throttling looks like this:
holdFor(1 minute)

Help appreciated,
Thanks Jan


No, that’s not possible atm.
Throttling base unit is requests per second and values are Int.

Then, you can achieve a less that 1rps throughput with injection profile tuning instead.

You can make use of ‘pace’ to control the rate in this case.

for example, following scenario will run for 60seconds and execute the block once every 15seconds

val workload = scenario(“Workload”)
.during(60 seconds){
pace(15 seconds)
.exitBlockOnFail {
.group(“Request1”) {exec(Request1)}

How to tune the injection profile for that? constantUsersPerSec accepts double but afaik it’s rounded to an int value.

Don’t use ConstantUsersPerSec


workload(pPacing, (pRampTime + pSteadyTime)).inject(
nothingFor(0 seconds),
rampUsers(pVusers) over (pRampTime seconds),
nothingFor(pSteadyTime seconds) )


and scenario would be

val workload (pacing: Int, duration: Int) = scenario("Workload") .during(duration seconds) { pace(pacing seconds) .exec( //requests ) }