Loading time calculation for pagination


I have different scenario for performance\load testing and need your help.
We have many pages where there are pagination links like next, previous, last, first, etc.

I need to calculate page load time for 1 user(and likewise when there will be 100 users) when there are many records on particular page and user clicks on next, first or any button.

Can someone please help me?

Hi @Nidhi,

I manage to get this done using the below approach check if this helps you.

Thanks Srini.
TBH, your answer will not help me much.

Let me explain my scenario again: sometimes we have dropdown which will allow to select number of records like 5,10,50 etc, which i know how to handle.
Now suppose there are 20 pages for suppose 200 records, then at first it will be showing 1-10 out of 200 records. Now i have to click next link(i.e. send post request)
The records can be varied like some customer have 150, some have 100 some have 200 etc. so i wat generic login.
I was thinking to check if Next link is enable and then click on it… but i am having problem here. I will definitely check your solution can be implemented, but if you can help how to check if link is enabled or not that will be grateful…