logback.xml not working in IntelliJ

Hi -

I have a Gatling script that responds with all HTTP 200 codes, but nothing is seen at the application server level. Quite strange behavior, and worthy of debugging, of course.

So… I thought I would try to use the logback.xml method to capture errors.

Unfortunately, in IntelliJ, the logback.xml is not being activated. Why?

I have created a computer Classpath in an effort to help out:


I also have tried adding a JVM option to the Scala Compiler in IntelliJ:

Still nothing.


How else can I figure out why there are 200’s but no real traffic on the Server?


No idea how you’ve set up your code in IntelliJ.
You really should stick to a maven project structure such as https://github.com/gatling/gatling-maven-plugin-demo and have your file in src/test/resources.