Maintain a constant number of VU for a time longer than the scenario

Hello Gatling team.

I starting to use Gatling to load test my project, and I facing a problem right now . I did not find any clu over the net, probably because I dont have for now the correct terms to search for.

My nominal scenario run for 1 minute (6 get with pause of 10s after). I want to test my application with a constant load of user (for example 10 simultaneouos user), and for a duration of 10 minutes. In fact, Gatling have to start 10 users at the same time, and keep “looping the user during” 10mn (if a user end the scenario, it have to be started again).

I cant find a solution to do this with the Inject method. Is there a simple way to do this ?

Best regards.


Hi Jerome,

not sure if I understand your problem correctly - did you check

Please note that “Keep looping the user” is not a good idea - the intention is to start a new user (with a fresh session)

Thanks in advance,

Siegfried Goeschl