Maven archetype needs repository declarations

Overall I had a positive experience with the archetype (Eclipse moaned
as me when I added the meta data but it still created the new project
for me). But I had to add the excilys Nexus repository location to the
pom, otherwise Maven can't download the gatling jars. I would send a
pull request, but I can't find the source code for the archetype.
Here's the declaration I used:


Hi Dave,

Thanks for reporting! I’ll fix this today.

I’m curious about what eclipse moaned exactly. Could you give some details, please?

Thanks again,


2012/2/9 Dave Syer <>

Hi Dave!

Thanks for reporting. We may have missed that because we had the artifacts in our local maven repositories. Sorry.

You can open an issue on gatling’s github project if you want (I can do it if you prefer ;)). The reason you could not find the archetype is because it is in the gatling-highcharts project which is not open source (unfortunately) due to licensing concerns.


I'm curious about what eclipse moaned exactly. Could you give some details,

Sorry, can't reproduce it today. When I added the repository metadata
I got a little error dialog. I can see the error in the log:

'An internal error occurred during: "Downloading remote catalog".'


Actually, I was too long to answer (by 3 minutes :p)

Stéphane has already opened the issue here :


Good to know. Open a ticket if you like (Stephane already said he'd
fix it). Maybe there should be a link to the issue tracker in the (not everyone uses github for issues so I don't always look

I know that we had some infrastructure problems yesterday. Maybe you were unlucky and you tried to install when the server was down.

2012/2/9 Dave Syer <>