Migrating gatling web sockets to 3.3

I am currently using gatling 2.3 and migration to 3.3
I have an old project, I migrating most of the non-backward compatible code, but I have a problem with migrating web sockets

This is my old web socket code:

val approvalProcess = exec(ws("Connect WS").connect(wsbaseurl + "/updates/websocket"))
  .exec(ws("Connect STOMP").sendText(connect))
  .exec(http("Approval process resources")
    .get("/catalogs/" + catalogId + "/process/approval/trigger.json")
  .exec(http("Approval process trigger")
    .post("/catalogs/" + catalogId + "/process/approval/trigger.json")
      http("Approval process resources")
      http("Approval process resources")
  .exec(ws("Approval process").check(wsAwait.within(wsTimeoutFiniteDuration).until(1).regex("""(?s).*Approval process for catalog """ + catalogName + """ completed(?s).*""").saveAs("amessagetitle")))

I am unable to migrate the last red line to the new web socket convention, can anyone help me to migrate it ?