Migration to Apache Pekko


Thanks for all the work you are doing on this tool. I saw your post regarding pinning the version of Akka: Is Gatling affected by Akka licencing changes?

I have a couple of questions regarding the topic:

  • Are you planning to migrate to Apache Pekko or to stay indefinitely in Akka 2.6.x?
  • Would you accept a contribution to migrating Gatling to Apache Pekko?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your kind words.

For now, we don’t plan on switching as we’re not aware of a compelling reason that would balance the pain:

  • migration of our Enterprise version too
  • break community plugins
  • breaking change for users who would expect Akka to be available transitively in the classpath

Could you please elaborate on the benefits of this move?

Thanks for clarifying. The main concern of pinning Akka 2.6.x is that is not actively bug-fixed / security updated (See: https://www.lightbend.com/akka/license-faq)


We only use akka-core (and a bit of akka-io), not advanced things like akka-cluster.
I don’t think this module as seen a bug or a security issue for ages.

Then, should a major bug or a security issue arise, then we would indeed consider switching (or ditching Akka entirely). But we’re yet to see one.

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