Is Gatling affected by Akka licencing changes?

I am aware that there is some Akka usage in Gatling (at least historically), if this is still the case is there any exposure/guidance for users of Open Source Gatling in relation to Akka dependencies (if they still exist)? I see in the Akka licence FAQ it says “The BSL is a “Source Available” license that freely allows using the code for development and other non-production work such as testing.” - does that mean nothing to worry about?

We’ve frozen the akka version used in Gatling to the last Apache 2 release: gatling/Dependencies.scala at main · gatling/gatling · GitHub

Then, we only use the very stable core of akka, not all the extra complex modules they’ve added over the years, so I don’t expect we’ll ever have to upgrade any time soon because of some bug or CVE.
And if it were to happen, there’s a good chance we’ll drop akka instead.

So no, we’re not affected.

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